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Brand history & Philosophy

Brand history:

Our designer has years of experience creating women’s fashion for over a decade, creating some of the finest custom pieces for discerning clients. Over the years she noticed a repeating problem that it was often hard to find  jewelry to compliment  these gowns for a complete  and  harmonious look. This gave her an idea to try and design her own jewelry that would make women look their best. This is how Shantal Jewelry was born.

Today Shantal Jewelry is a young yet an upcoming brand. It has participated in a few SoloStep Studio workshops, including bridal collection photo-shoots, portrait, and others.


Our philosophy is to help women look beautiful and stunning with jewellery that uses natural gemstones and hypoallergenic nickel-free metal.

All women love to look beautiful and stunning but not everyone can afford to buy expensive jewelry. We design our products to be simple, yet unique. We want them to highlight the natural beauty of the women who choose to wear them and to help them create personalized styles without investing too much. Adding an accessory, such as jewellery, is an easy way to refresh an old and now boring clothing item and to simply lift one’s mood and make the wearer feel enlightened. Our jewelry emphasises feminine qualities of women and works perfect as every-day wear or as a special occasion centerpiece.

Shantal Jewelry uses natural materials - stones and metals. Ensuring highest quality is a priority for our brand.

Our jewelry is manufactured at the factories in China, Hong Kong, and USA, and is sold worldwide.

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